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School admission appeals
Appeals data for primary and secondary schools by academic year. Please note · There are a number of schools that hear appeals that are not recorded on Leeds City Council's admissions system. These schools do not have an agreement with the authority to handle their appeals, the attached data only shows schools that have agreed for the authority to handle their appeals. · From 2017/18 onwards we have indicated if the appeal was not granted based on infant class size legislation (not ICSL). For the vast majority of Key Stage 1 appeals the reason for refusal is that to admit the child would breach Infant Class Size Legislation, however, for some schools Infant Class Size Legislation does not apply (primarily because if a child was admitted to these schools the class would not have more than 30 children per teacher). For these schools, the argument against admission is that it would cause prejudice to the school and the children already in attendance if a further child were to be admitted. For appeals granted which state (not ICSL) the parent was able to evidence that admitting their child to the school would not cause prejudice to the school. Parents and carers can access further information on infant class size appeals on our website at www.leeds.gov.uk.
Leeds City Council

Dataset renditions

Title Format Type Availability Active Schema
2016/17 academic year text/csv Data Yes
2014/15 academic year text/csv Data Yes
2015/16 academic year text/csv Data Yes
2017/18 academic year text/csv Data Yes
2018/19 academic year text/csv Data Yes
2019/20 academic year text/csv Data Yes
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