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Planning Policy Documents Updated 2016
Source: /dataset/planning-policy-documents-2016 The Council has recently updated 3 Planning Policy Documents in May 2016. __Annual Monitoring Report 2014/15__ This is the 11th Annual Monitoring Report produced by the Council and contains information to demonstrate progress in producing the Local Plan and other planning policy documents. In addition it also includes a review of saved policy and a range of data and statistics for the borough including housing, employment, health and demographic data. __Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) May 2016__ The Statement of Community Involvement has been updated to reflect the councils approach to consultation based on experience gained since the production of the previous SCI. This includes consultation on planning policy documents and planning applications. A public consultation was held on the draft version of the SCI and the Council received 34 comments before the deadline. Details of these comments and the Councils response, including where the draft was amended are detailed in the Table of Responses below. __Local Development Scheme (LDS) 2016__ The LDS sets out the timetable for the stages of production of each of the relevant planning policy documents prepared by the Council. The LDS was approved by Executive Committee in May 2016 subject to the ratification of Full Council on 19th July 2016.
Barrow Borough Council

Dataset renditions

Title Format Type Availability Active Schema
Annual Monitoring Report 2014/15 application/pdf Data Yes
Statement of Community Involvement 2016 application/pdf Data Yes
Local Development Scheme 2016 subject to ratification by Council 19th July 2016 application/pdf Data Yes
Table of Responses to Consultation on SCI April 2016 application/pdf Data Yes
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