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Planning Applications Householder
Source: /dataset/planning-applications-householder Guidance, criteria and forms for Householder Planning Applications can be found below. The Householder Application for Works or Extension to a Dwelling form should be used for proposals to alter or enlarge a single house, including works within the curtilage (boundary/garden) of a house. If you have established that you need planning permission you should use the Householder Application form for projects such as: * extensions * conservatories * loft conversions * dormer windows * alterations * garages, car ports or outbuildings * swimming pools * walls * fences * vehicular access including footway crossovers * porches * satellite dishes You should use the application form for [Full Planning Permission] (https://data.barrowbc.gov.uk/dataset/planning-application-full-permission) and not the Householder Application form if your application relates to any of the following: * any works relating to a flat * applications to change the number of dwellings (flat conversions, building a separate house in the garden) * changes of use to part or all of the property to non-residential (including business) uses * anything outside the garden of the property (including stables if in a separate paddock)
Barrow Borough Council

Dataset renditions

Title Format Type Availability Active Schema
Householder Application Form application/pdf Data Yes
National and Local Validation Lists application/pdf Data Yes
Householder Guidance application/pdf Data Yes
Notice for Certificate B or C application/pdf Data Yes
Notice for Certificate C or D application/pdf Data Yes
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